Storing Chemicals Safely

Suggested Activities Show workers the different types of containers used at your facility and the types of chemicals to be stored in each. Conduct a training session specifically on PPE to be used when handling chemicals. Distribute a copy of … Continued

Managing Workers’ Comp: Taking the Stress Out of Heat

Even though summer may be over, employers should still plan ahead for next summer and educate workers about the medical and behavioral risk factors as well as the symptoms of heat-related illness. Employers who instill the importance of working safely … Continued

AmTrust offers coverage for food-related operations

AmTrust is pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2016, they will now offer Workers’ Compensation coverage for food-related operations in California through Springfield Insurance Company. Long-recognized as a key grocery and food market carrier throughout California, Springfield Insurance Company … Continued

Key Elements of a Successful Safety & Health Program

Safety and health programs can substantially reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and alleviate the associated financial burdens on businesses. Many states also have requirements or voluntary guidelines for workplace injury and illness prevention programs. According to OSHA, the … Continued

7 Tips to Help Control the Cost of Workers’ Compensation

The upfront cost of a workers’ compensation policy is certainly an important factor when selecting an insurance provider. But when it comes to insurance, a workers’ compensation carrier’s focus on safety, fraud detection and prevention, managed care and claims management … Continued

What to do if Your Employee is Injured.

Report an injury immediately… Workplace injuries can be costly for your business – in lost productivity and claim costs. So it’s important to report an employee injury immediately. That way the claim process can get started right away. Research has … Continued